Anonymous asked: Oh my God! I just love your drawing ... They are so disneyish and honestly you draw Logan and the X-Men guys better than some professional artist! Keep working, I'm sure you're gonna be a great artist!! Btw, do you like Cyclops? He is kind of fussy but he is really sweet in the deep deep deep of himself :D

Hello there, and thank you, thank you very much!! :D
I just love drawing Disney-ish X-Men and Marvel things in general, and I’m so glad you like them :D
And sure, I do like Cyke a lot!! In both comics and movies. I don’t even know why I haven’t got to draw him yet. I need to do that as soon as possible! :D
Thank you so much again!! :D

frakkingtardis asked: Oh my god I love the drawings of the Skywalker family. I'm sorry you got any hate over them. They are gorgeous! <3 Keep rocking on.

Aw thank you so much! :D
I’m glad you like them, thank you for the support! <)

Valjean and Cosette, commissioned by LochCamaen on Deviantart.
I loved drawing these two again! :) Hope you like it!

Commissions Open!!

Hey there, guys!!
I opened commissions.
You can check out the prices here on Deviantart.
You can contact me here on Tumblr as well if you’re interested! :)
Thank you very much!

Gee, guys… I haven’t read this manga in ages nor particularly liked it since I was eighteen, but today I was feeling a bit sad and got overwhelmed with high school memories and nostalgia. So yeah, have a little Naruto. Disney-ish style :D

After one bloody month I’m finally able to draw something about this movie, and it’s a super sketchy thing about Logan asking Jean to help with his history revising. Damn. I love this movie! :)

"We have a Hulk!"
Remember this old drawing of mine?
I’ve been super busy and sadly I’ve got nothing new to be posted here right now, so yeah… I repainted a bit some things in this sketchy thing -especially Hulk’s face haha!- and thought it’d be fun to share. The original drawing is from 2012, you can see it here on my other Tumblr or here on Deviantart.

gamingclubnetwork asked: I'd love to see an ask blog based on the Star Wars images you made where Ani and Padmie raises Luke and Leia.

Gee, that would be an idea!!
I don’t have much time lately but I might definitely consider this. Thank you! :D

Feels good to post something again! :D Even if it’s just a super sketchy Disney-ish Logan. I like drawing Disney-ish Logan.

Hi guys!!

Hello guys… I’m still alive!!
I’m sorry for the long inactivity on this account. I’ve been very busy with assignments, and other stuff which has prevented me from drawing things to post here. Not to mention my internet connection isn’t doing really well lately, so I haven’t been checking Tumblr very much.

I’ve just answered all of your asks though, and I apologize for being so late.

I hope to be able to post something new very soon, even if it’s just school work or Disney studies or whatever, if you’re interested.

Thank you very much to you all and see you soon! :D