lassog asked: OMG I finally found you! I saw your drawings once on dA and I loved them but never saw any of your works again and then I saw your Star Wars drawings again... Awesome!!

Hi there!! :D
Thank you so much, glad you like my stuff! :D

andrea-skywalker asked: Hi renata! :D i'm new here, i just wanted to say that your art is awesome! I see your art on diviantart XD thanks for drawing like that!

Hello there!! :D
Thanks to you for the support, really! :D

Anonymous asked: Oh my God! I just love your drawing ... They are so disneyish and honestly you draw Logan and the X-Men guys better than some professional artist! Keep working, I'm sure you're gonna be a great artist!! Btw, do you like Cyclops? He is kind of fussy but he is really sweet in the deep deep deep of himself :D

Hello there, and thank you, thank you very much!! :D
I just love drawing Disney-ish X-Men and Marvel things in general, and I’m so glad you like them :D
And sure, I do like Cyke a lot!! In both comics and movies. I don’t even know why I haven’t got to draw him yet. I need to do that as soon as possible! :D
Thank you so much again!! :D

frakkingtardis asked: Oh my god I love the drawings of the Skywalker family. I'm sorry you got any hate over them. They are gorgeous! <3 Keep rocking on.

Aw thank you so much! :D
I’m glad you like them, thank you for the support! <)

Valjean and Cosette, commissioned by LochCamaen on Deviantart.
I loved drawing these two again! :) Hope you like it!

Commissions Open!!

Hey there, guys!!
I opened commissions.
You can check out the prices here on Deviantart.
You can contact me here on Tumblr as well if you’re interested! :)
Thank you very much!

Gee, guys… I haven’t read this manga in ages nor particularly liked it since I was eighteen, but today I was feeling a bit sad and got overwhelmed with high school memories and nostalgia. So yeah, have a little Naruto. Disney-ish style :D

After one bloody month I’m finally able to draw something about this movie, and it’s a super sketchy thing about Logan asking Jean to help with his history revising. Damn. I love this movie! :)

"We have a Hulk!"
Remember this old drawing of mine?
I’ve been super busy and sadly I’ve got nothing new to be posted here right now, so yeah… I repainted a bit some things in this sketchy thing -especially Hulk’s face haha!- and thought it’d be fun to share. The original drawing is from 2012, you can see it here on my other Tumblr or here on Deviantart.

gamingclubnetwork asked: I'd love to see an ask blog based on the Star Wars images you made where Ani and Padmie raises Luke and Leia.

Gee, that would be an idea!!
I don’t have much time lately but I might definitely consider this. Thank you! :D