Anonymous asked: This might not be what you're use to getting in your ask box but i have to tell you i LOVE your name it's so pretty and awesome

Haha, why thanks!! This is much appreciated indeed! :D

Anonymous asked: Argh, I like your Logan x Storm.^^ Can you make one Star Lord X Gamora of Disney Infinity 2.0?

Thanks a lot! :D
Sorry, I don’t even know those guys, and moreover I don’t take requests Dx

pinnuzza asked: Thanks for answering! I'm Italian American, and I only know some Italian and most of it random commands, prayers, curses, or pet names x) like pinnuzza, which means peanut in Sicilian. I'm trying to learn though! Again, good luck with your drawing. (Logan and Storm are the BEST! They need to be a couple! I think I'm just going to go reblog your art now. Keep drawing! In bocca al lupo!)

Oh, I see!! :D That’s cool! Good luck with your learning!
And thank you so much again! :D

comicsbeforecandy asked: Ahh, I followed right away because I recognized your Wolverine art style! I remember you from some place and I think it might have been DA? you draw the cutest Logan and his eyes look so happy and all I've ever wanted for th epoor baby was to be happy. Keep drawing please! You have fans!

Hey there!! :D
Yep, it could have DA indeed! Or my other Tumblr, rennyskywalker, where I used to post my drawings before making this one.
But anyway, thank you so much!! I’m so glad you like my take on Logan ahskdgh I often fear it’s too disney-ish and therefore far from the art styles we are used to see in the comics, but then I end up thinking that somehow that style fits him and I like to draw him that way, so I’m always so happy when other people like it too <)
Thanksthanksthanks! :D

pinnuzza asked: Hey, your art is lovely, just letting you know! Have faith in your abilities! Coraggio!

Oh aww, thank you SO much!! <)
PS: You know/you are Italian? :)

I won’t have to miss you

The joy of discovering that the Logan and Storm scene was an actual deleted scene!

Anonymous asked: Well, maybe the one who writes you such things is someone who cares about you :)

Yeah… I think so! :)

thereinalulu asked: I'm sorry to hear you're doubting you're abilities. You're an amazing artist ! And an inspiration for many ! Me included :) ( i even have proof of that, i used your drawing of young james and rose has a ref once ! :D ) oh and sorry about your arm too, hope you'll feel better soon !

Thank you so much!
I’m so glad you think so, and that my stuff is of inspiration for you, really. I’ve just been a little demotivated during this last year for various reasons :( but I hope to make it better with time.
Thank you very much for your support my friend!! :))

thebankingclanwillsignyourtreaty asked: you should do more skywalker family everyone loves it!

Thank you! Sadly, lately I haven’t been able to do personal stuff, due to drawing arm injury which reduced my drawing time per day… but I hope to make something more as soon as possible, I kind of miss drawing Star Wars stuff!

Anonymous asked: Your drawings are awesome and I'm sure you are gonna be a great comic artist! I'm so damn sure about that and it's sad to see you so unconfident ... So, pull yourself together, dearie! I'm sure the future has great things for you :) Ps. You are reeeeally an awesome person!

Aww, thank you so much anon, you’re an awesome person too taking the time to tell such things! Come out!! :D