Anonymous asked: Well, maybe the one who writes you such things is someone who cares about you :)

Yeah… I think so! :)

thereinalulu asked: I'm sorry to hear you're doubting you're abilities. You're an amazing artist ! And an inspiration for many ! Me included :) ( i even have proof of that, i used your drawing of young james and rose has a ref once ! :D ) oh and sorry about your arm too, hope you'll feel better soon !

Thank you so much!
I’m so glad you think so, and that my stuff is of inspiration for you, really. I’ve just been a little demotivated during this last year for various reasons :( but I hope to make it better with time.
Thank you very much for your support my friend!! :))

thebankingclanwillsignyourtreaty asked: you should do more skywalker family everyone loves it!

Thank you! Sadly, lately I haven’t been able to do personal stuff, due to drawing arm injury which reduced my drawing time per day… but I hope to make something more as soon as possible, I kind of miss drawing Star Wars stuff!

Anonymous asked: Your drawings are awesome and I'm sure you are gonna be a great comic artist! I'm so damn sure about that and it's sad to see you so unconfident ... So, pull yourself together, dearie! I'm sure the future has great things for you :) Ps. You are reeeeally an awesome person!

Aww, thank you so much anon, you’re an awesome person too taking the time to tell such things! Come out!! :D

An old sketch of Wolvie and some kind of a dog made in March or April, I think!
Dog’s anatomy may be a little off, had no references at the time…
Hope you like! :)

Anonymous asked: I love your drawing about Jean Valjean and Cosette! They should engage you to draw a Disney Les Mis comic!! It would be awesome :D

Aww, thank you SO much! ;_; And gee, how I’d love to do something like that, it would be so great!

Anonymous asked: You are right, your drawings are not very good ... They are perfect! I really liked the one about Hans and also the little James with Rose was so sweet! I hope to see more about those two cute dorks! Well ... Logan is a bit of a cute dork!!

Asfjgkhl thank you anon!!
I’m very glad you think so! I very often feel negative about my drawings, I need to be a little more optimistic… thank you and to my other followers for the support and everything, it really means a lot.
Yeah, I so need to draw those two again and maybe do a full pic instead of just a little sketch and aaah I need to do some brainstorming and get some ideas!
He totally is, hehehehehe! :D

supersere asked: Permettimi di dirti che i tuoi disegni sono assolutamente meravigliosi!!! Hai di certo un dono!!!

Grazie mille, felicissima che ti piacciano!! :D

andrea-skywalker asked: Hope you get better! I love your art!

Thank you so much!! I hope so :)
Problems with the drawing arm are always bad :(

This is Roy, the main character of a story that somehow I’m gonna draw… someday.
Sorry for not posting much, I’m a little injured and must concentrate on jobs with deadlines Dx