An old sketch of Wolvie and some kind of a dog made in March or April, I think!
Dog’s anatomy may be a little off, had no references at the time…
Hope you like! :)

Anonymous asked: I love your drawing about Jean Valjean and Cosette! They should engage you to draw a Disney Les Mis comic!! It would be awesome :D

Aww, thank you SO much! ;_; And gee, how I’d love to do something like that, it would be so great!

Anonymous asked: You are right, your drawings are not very good ... They are perfect! I really liked the one about Hans and also the little James with Rose was so sweet! I hope to see more about those two cute dorks! Well ... Logan is a bit of a cute dork!!

Asfjgkhl thank you anon!!
I’m very glad you think so! I very often feel negative about my drawings, I need to be a little more optimistic… thank you and to my other followers for the support and everything, it really means a lot.
Yeah, I so need to draw those two again and maybe do a full pic instead of just a little sketch and aaah I need to do some brainstorming and get some ideas!
He totally is, hehehehehe! :D

supersere asked: Permettimi di dirti che i tuoi disegni sono assolutamente meravigliosi!!! Hai di certo un dono!!!

Grazie mille, felicissima che ti piacciano!! :D

andrea-skywalker asked: Hope you get better! I love your art!

Thank you so much!! I hope so :)
Problems with the drawing arm are always bad :(

This is Roy, the main character of a story that somehow I’m gonna draw… someday.
Sorry for not posting much, I’m a little injured and must concentrate on jobs with deadlines Dx

Anonymous asked: Hi, as you look fan of x-men, could you make Logan x Ororo and Gambit x Rogue?

I don’t take requests, sorry! But, if I happen to want to draw them, I will someday :)



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Love to actually try these out

(via birdyhoodie)

lassog asked: OMG I finally found you! I saw your drawings once on dA and I loved them but never saw any of your works again and then I saw your Star Wars drawings again... Awesome!!

Hi there!! :D
Thank you so much, glad you like my stuff! :D

andrea-skywalker asked: Hi renata! :D i'm new here, i just wanted to say that your art is awesome! I see your art on diviantart XD thanks for drawing like that!

Hello there!! :D
Thanks to you for the support, really! :D